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Vineland Commercial Plaza

An urban infill commercial redevelopment project in partnership with the city of Los Angeles and HUD, owned by Valenzuela Properties, LLC, wherein Grapevine Development served in a full service fee development role to facilitate land assemblage of multiple parcels that Grapevine entitles


Grapevine oversaw the design of this newly constructed 21,000 SF 2 story commercial building that received its TCO in June 2015 and has been 82% leased by the Grapevine team to health and fitness operators generating hundreds of new jobs. The land was acquired in 2010 through creative joint venture structure facilitated by Grapevine.


Grapevine secured a patient HUD loan from the City of LA Community Development Department in the amount of $7.1 Million which was used to acquire the land, entitle, design and build the project which has an estimated value greater than $10 Million

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