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Pioneer Elementary School Campus

In another successful and rewarding public-private partnership with the Delano School District and the State of California, Grapevine Advisors was selected through an RFP process as the Fee Service Developer for the Delano School District. Grapevine was instrumental in securing the necessary bridge financing that was advanced to acquire the 25-acre parcel with private sector financing in the amount of $10 Million which included pre-development funds the Delano School District needed to design the campus until the State funded the take-out for the land acquisition, design and construction costs. 



The final project cost managed by Grapevine was delivered under budget at $54 Million. This campus serves 1,400 Kern County students with a state of the art campus. It is also worthy to note that the design and development incorporated a number of green initiatives, including solar power to all 12 schools in the Delano School District.

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