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The Exchange at The Gateway

In 2012 Grapevine Advisors, LLC, a Grapevine Development Company was selected as the Master Developer for the Gateway project, a multi-phased mixed-use transit oriented development. After saving a $14.9 Million CA State HCD Grant that was in jeopardy of being lost, Grapevine Advisors connected with Jamboree Housing as the affordable housing partner. Grapevine’s cash investment was instrumental to the successful awarding of $21.4 Million in Federal & State tax credits required to finance the Parcel 1 development.


 Responsible for the master planning, design, and construction of new public streets, installation of wet/dry utilities, street lights, PRW, landscaping and ADA connections to adjacent Metro Station, Grapevine Advisors delivered the underground facilties to the Parcel 1 project on time and under budget. Prior to the infrastructure improvement phase, the scope of work included the demolition of the City’s former public works facilities and extensive remediation of contaminated soils due to prior municipal landfill uses.


The site work commenced in June 2014 and was completed in August 2015. The estimated cost of the infrastructure upon completion will exceed $31 million.

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